Justin Code Monkey Monkey

What I'm Doing Now

This is a now page inspired by derek sivers!

Last updated 2021-09-29.


Building a new operating system at Facebook Reality Labs! Learning from incredible people and having fun along the way.

Still working on random projects from time to time. Eventually I’ll finish Mindless


Figuring out how to balance my life with healthy habits. Experimenting with different sleep patterns, routines and exercises. I want to be physically and mentally fit!

Finding out what’s gives me energy and what drains me.

Bay Area

Living the COVID lockdown life in the bay. Trying to find my tribe. Continuing to learn from everyone around me!


Working towards being the next tennis star! I have been playing 3x a week for the past year. I still suck though :’( (NTRP rating: 3.5).


Continuing to explore how I’m going to change the world. If you have any world shattering ideas let me know :).